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Mary Mootrey

Mary Mootrey

Accounting Professional

The Silbernagel Group, Inc. Real Wealth® Advisors
Real Wealth Tax & Accounting, LLC

Mary is a key player at Real Wealth Tax & Accounting, LLC, and also assists all businesses with workflows and efficiency. Her previous experience as an accountant and bookkeeper for 40 years has equipped her with superb attention to detail. Always carrying a positive attitude, she keeps the team on track and is always determined to complete tasks and projects from start to finish.

When not at work, Mary enjoys making jewelry, knitting, other crafts, and playing with her Ukerazy ukulele bandmates, which consist of her sister Joanne, niece Angela, and some friends. Every year she goes digging for semi-precious stones with her family. She spends lots of time with her two daughters, two grandchildren, and three grandpuppies.